Ball Sealing-Plugs & Screw-In Orifices

ScanWill distributes the WillTech range of ball sealing-plugs, manufactured in the USA, and a range of screw-in orifices.

The ball sealing-plugs consist of an expanding metal sleeve and a steel ball, offered in the materials steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The screw-in orifices are made from stainless steel, offered with several metric threads, and with orifice diameters from 0,3 mm to 5,0 mm.

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Hydraulic Components & Solutions

As a part of the Addtech Group, ScanWill distributes Wandfluh hydraulic and electronic products in the Scandinavian markets?

In addition to a broad, high-quality and low-priced standard product range, Wandfluh develops customer-specific hydraulic valves, electronics and software to precisely meet even the most complex requirements in customer projects.


See the complete Wandfluh product line here



Pressure Intensifiers

Low/Medium Pressure

(up to 420 bar / 6,090 psi)

High Pressure

(up to 800 bar / 11,200 psi)



Speed Valves

WillTech is a preferred supplier of ball sealing-plugs and screw-in orifices

Wandfluh is a preferred supplier of hydraulic valves, electronics and accessories