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Success Stories

Power Packs for Tensioners

A customer producing Hydraulic Pump Units that generate 150 bar/2,200 psi needed an HPU to generate 1,500 bar/22,000 psi for a bolt tensioning application.

We supplied a ScanWill Intensifier type MP-2000 which increases pressure 10-fold. This allowed the customer to use their standard HPU instead of building a new one.


Operating the HPU was still done via the existing standard valves and components, as the increased pressure is present only after the intensifier. The intensifier has all needed high-pressure valves integrated, including a pilot operated check valve for evacuating the higher pressure back to the tank. This solution is often used for operating hydraulic tensioners.


As the only additional costs for the upgrade t was the intensifier itself, this solution is very cost effective.

Success Stories

Casing Tongs and Roughnecks (oil & gas)

A Major supplier of oilfield equipment in Norway adapted the Scanwill pressure intensifiers in 2014 to be used in their casing tongs, used when extend-drilling into the seabed.

The pipes are extended by screwing them onto each other, and this requires a clamping process. The system pressure is 200 bar / 3,000 psi which is not enough for the right clamping force. By adding a Scanwill MP-L-3.4 pressure intensifier the pressure is increased to 680 bar / 10,000 psi, sufficient to avhieve the needed clamping force.


This customer has more than 500 ScanWill intensifiers in use around the world.

Success Stories

Pressure Testing of Hydraulic Cylinders

Customers manufacturing hydraulic cylinders require each cylinder to be static pressure tested at a pressure 2 – 3 times the operational pressure.

The customers use hydraulic power units for the performance testing, and by adding a ScanWill intensifier they can also include static testing of 500 – 700 bar / 7,250 -10,000 psi from the same HPU.


This solution offers substantial savings compared to installing an additional test pump.

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Success Stories

Intensifier Solution for Crimping of Electric Wires

A customer approached us with the problem of getting a reliable solution for crimping electric wires together from a platform on a truck.

The hydraulic system on the truck supplies 140 bar / 2,000 psi and an operational pressure of 700 bar / 10,000 psi is required to operate the crimping tool.


A special patented plug-in solution, the Tool-Boss, using the ScanWill intensifier was made, and is now used by the customer.

Pressure Intensifiers

Low/Medium Pressure

(up to 420 bar / 6,090 psi)

High Pressure

(up to 800 bar / 11,200 psi)



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