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Enhanced versatility

ScanWill pressure intensifiers can be used in both new and existing applications.

In new applications, the ScanWill intensifiers allow you to design the system for low pressure, thus minimizing energy consumption, and the intensifier will then provide the higher pressure only when needed. 


Manufacturers of HPU´s  can use standard low-pressure components and add a ScanWill intensifier to get a high-pressure output. Examples are tension pumps, HPU´s for construction and railway tools, and other applications where energy savings are important.



In existing applications, the ScanWill intensifier are used when the existing system pressure is insufficient. This may be the case in larger production systems, where one station is lacking power, or when a new function is added to a system.

Application examples 

  1. Workholding
  2. Mining
  3. Production Lines
  4. Pressure Testing
  5. Tube Forming
  6. Cylinder Testing
  7. Pressure Die Casting
  8. Hydraulic Tools
  9. Filter Presses
  10. Mobile Applications
  11. Tensioning
  12. Hydroforming
  13. Increasing the pressure in a single acting cylinder
  14. Increasing the pressure in a double acting cylinder – with bypass

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While our local sales partners can provide swift customer service and technical assistance, we recommend that the first contact be made through our Danish office.


Erik Scheibel, Global Sales Manager

Pressure Intensifiers

Low/Medium Pressure

(up to 420 bar / 6,090 psi)

High Pressure

(up to 800 bar / 11,200 psi)



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